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About Us

Kingdom Quest International began in 2003 when Dr. Cote recognized the need to deliver sound biblical teachings to the Church beyond the Sunday morning service. Dr. Cote is a prophetic-teacher and disciple-maker; he ignites passion, instills purpose, and instructs people to seek and to serve the Kingdom of God. Dr. Cote looked to the internet, where his biblical teachings and messages could be viewed on a 24/7 basis throughout the world. This was a greater challenge than expected, since the days of "YouTube" had not yet developed and designing websites was still a difficult process. Dr. Cote pursued the goal by first establishing the logo, the bylaws, and obtained non-profit corporation status. After a few years, a website was obtained and the technology to upload videos to the internet surfaced. Though the learning curve was enormous, today, the messages and teachings are available in both audio and video format. As the years passed, the technology improved and the quality of the videos moved toward High Definition. In addition, Dr. Cote has written several books and workbooks as well, always focused on igniting passion, instilling purpose and instructing people rightly in the things of the Kingdom. As Dr. Cote always states, "There is no greater quest in all the world than knowing God."

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The KQI Logo

Dr. Cote focused on the Lord's admonishment to Seek First The Kingdom of God and His Righteousness (Matt. 6:33). With this in mind, the Compass Rose was selected, knowing that all travel must have direction.

For the believer, the Cross of Christ is foundational, and every step must be in accordance with the Cross of Christ. 

The world map was added to the background to recognize that we are witnesses unto Christ. This Gospel must be preached in all the world; believers are in this world but not of this world. The mission of the Church is to go into all the world teaching and making disciples. The logo displays Kingdom Quest International. 

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