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Within the debates of the United States political circles, there are those known as a RINO (pronounced the same as the animal, Rhino). RINO is an acronym for those who say they are Republicans, but they vote like a Democrat. Hence, they are called a RINO, that is, Republican In Name Only. These RINOs presented themselves to their constituents as a Republican with like values. They gained a conservative following and promoted themselves as a person representing a conservative position, but more often times they are found voting with the inclination toward the agenda of the Democratic Party. The RINOs are comfortable with the liberal political agenda and are more often arguing with conservatives and opposing those of the Republican Party. These RINOs infuriate their Republican constituents, and conservative Republican representatives do not trust them, but the Democratic Representatives always look to them as their last-minute hope to pass another law that advances the agenda of the Democratic Party. No one truly trusts the RINO, but they are always in the news as attention comes their way when a swing vote will determine the outcome. A RINO loves the power and influence of being that needed vote. So weak!

Sadly, this same mindset is in the American Church. Today’s Christianity is saturated with the CHRINO, those that are Christian In Name Only. These are the Modern Christians; those that consider themselves Christians but their decisions, behavior, friendships, amusements, and emotional constitution reveal that they are merely CHRINOs. They call upon the Lord, praise the name of the Lord, talk about the Holy Spirit, love church ministry programs, cite the fundamental doctrines, and sing songs at church—sometimes with great zeal, but they are natural-minded in daily living, from parenting to pastoring. Their lives reflect the posture of a CHRINO.

These CHRINOs are not pleasing the Holy Spirit; they are bent and not living upright before the Lord, especially the pastors who love leadership seminars and group talks. The CHRINO pastors are natural in their affections, self-orientated in their objectives, and caring, concerned ministers according to the human pattern. But they are inept in all things spiritual, though they paint a wonderful picture of servitude and love.

CHRINO faith is kept within the parameters of mere words and statements that reference answered prayer and Jesus-love-talk. The CHRINO Christian is wayward, carnal-minded, and easily offended with someone like me because they do not want the Holy Spirit; they want their version of Him. Hence, CHRINOs give themselves a pass regarding holiness and they weigh a matter of judgment always within the balance of their personal opinion. When things work out for them it is an answer to prayer, proof that God loves them and provides, but when things are not solved according to their likes, then it is the devil attacking them and they must remain strong. If their particular want or desire does not manifest and falls through for some reason, then other CHRINOs gather in support telling them that God has something better for them and they just need to have faith.

The CHRINOs are self-willed at core, spiritually immature, humble in their own mind, and always desire attention just like the RINOs. They quote Bible verses but trust in their own opinions. They often times deal with anxiety and depression yet they say “Amen” when someone says, “Trust in the Lord” and “Fear God.” They post phrases from great men and women of God as though they are doing the same thing. The only times they have peace is when things are working out for them as they see fit. The Church is riddled with CHRINOs.

The CHRINOs lead a life of hypocrisy but they will attack you for pointing this out to them. They do not abhor evil nor cling to what is good (Rom. 12:9). You will find CHRINOs alongside the ungodly doing as they do, laughing as they laugh, and seeking the same things. These CHRINOs will talk about going to heaven as they live for all things earthly. Their idea of evangelism is to get people to appreciate their beliefs, to like them, and they are ecstatic if someone comes to church and then says to them, “That was nice.” They will go to church, out to eat, and to a ballgame as though it is all the same, and then they may stop at the store to pick up some beer or wine just like anyone else. They treat all of it with the same sweet disposition of commonplace as they used everywhere else. When they get really upset, then they act with a belligerence or sarcasm, or they’ll just whine to someone in order to get some attention and support; it is so manipulative and self-serving. When they feel that life is too tough for them, they will plan their vacations and tell everyone how badly they need time away from everyone and everything, just like the ungodly do. Sometimes, when they need a good dose of fun, you will find them at the casino being the CHRINO. Right here the CHRINOs will say, “Well, I don’t go to the casino,” so they will excuse themselves from everything else I wrote in this message. This CHRINO form of Christianity is offensive to the Holy Spirit.

The CHRINOs are the ones that despise me; however, let it be known that I despise the CHRINO, and I am calling upon all those who love the Lord to truly love the Lord and live for the Kingdom of God each day. Blessings of obedience unto you! Amen.


Permission To Pout, PLEASE! Welcome to the mantra of the day! People are clamoring for permission to pout as they wail for rights and whine for fairness. Entitlement rules their ways, and their words carry the venom of offense. In all things they are merely demanding the right to pout as they see fit; to be accepted as they are without accountability or responsibility. The pouters of the land have a big voice because it resonates in the hearts of every other pouter, and the leaders of our land cater to their clamor to gain esteem.

This is today’s voice. People are pouting. They march in the street angrily demanding something from someone; they throw things around, burn the belongings of others, demand their rights, and walk in an antagonistic depression till they get what they want, and when they get what they want, they want more, a bit more, and then they want something else. They throw a tantrum at every cause like a juvenile in a grocery store who isn’t getting the cupcake or cookie. These pouters deem something or someone unfair, and for them, everything seems to be unfair. They love to be angry and frustrated at someone, which gives them purpose and makes them feel united and righteous for a just cause. The pouters want permission to argue their point till you agree with them, or simply love them for who they are and respect their position, which you will demonstrate by giving them permission to act like an angry two-year old not getting their way. These pouters are upset on a regular basis and throw their pity-parties at all kinds of times and for multiple reasons.

The permission to pout syndrome took root years ago, then grew into a full-fledged wild vine, and is now displaying and demonstrating its fruit, and it is ugly, inedible, and useless fruit indeed. The permission to pout movement wants its own way without being denied; it expects everyone else to capitulate to their demands, and their number one demand is to let them wail away till something is done that satisfies their pining and whining wail. The pouters expect you to do something for them but they are not the doers; they are the ones crying out, “Help me! I’m offended! That’s not fair! I’m pouting here! I’m not happy! I want to be happy! Why won’t you let me be happy! Why won’t you help me to be happy! I deserve to be happy!”

The Pouters want to stay in their personal weaknesses and they just want to complain to every ear that will lean into them, and social media is their prime outlet as they cry out, “Listen to me!” Yet, they have nothing to say of any value. They are users, accustomed to getting their own way by employing their whine and pine.

Sadly, the pouting voice has entered the church world. Those driven with the permission to pout sickness seek constant encouragement, and pastors love to give words on social media that begin with the phrase, “I just want to encourage you.” These pastors do not actually encourage anyone in the Lord. These so-called words from the Lord are so shallow and self-purposed. They love the preeminence among the people and give words to meet that end.

The encouraging word is tag-teamed with the phase, “I’m Just So Excited.” Oh my, another exciting word of encouragement to make you feel better about yourself. Great! More encouraging words while pouters stay stuck in poutful situation. These pastors, leaders, and evangelists provide encouragement that never activates courage in you to overcome and believe God. No one becomes courageous through their words, they just feel better as they look for another word to encourage them again. They just want more permission to pout.

Permission to Pout is mainly centered on the whine and their pine. The pouters whine over spilt milk, and like a toddler they pine after everything they think will make them happy. The foundational objective to everything they do is to be happy. They want fun and want to surround themselves with everyone and everything that keeps them entertained and laughing; it has to be fun! Hence, Tik-Tok and the like is their library of thought. When they are not happy, then the pouting explodes and the whining begins. Oh my, it is tiring to hear their incessant whine. Many pouters employ a soft, polite voice or use sincere tears to gain their way, but it is still the natural man working to gain satisfaction and gratification.

In church world, those pouters always talk about their Mess but they never want to walk in the Yes; the yes to the Lord that brings obedience to His word, will, and ways; the yes that establishes true happiness, rest, and purpose to life. The Christian Pouter says, “I’m a mess but God loves my mess, I’m His mess.” So foolish! I have no tolerance for such foolishness; it works against the Cross of Christ. Hence, the pouter discards me and others like me, and set us aside as a useless voice. The pouters do not want an end to their self-serving thinking; they despise the voice that calls for them to overcome, believe God, and walk in the courage of the One who brings victory.

Pouters look for an offense, and we are seeing an abundance of this today, even in the church. Thanklessness is flooding every sphere of life and those pouting expect others to please and appease them. The entitlement syndrome is powerful with those who are demanding permission to pout. Churches are catering to them thus working contrary to the Spirit. Pouters want people to listen to them and pastors have big ears for it all hoping to gain another congregant.

The Permission to Pout saturates the church environment as they tolerate carnal behavior and tell themselves, “I’m being the light.” They say this because they are caught up in the natural ways of life and don’t want anyone judging them; so they judge nothing rightly while painting themselves as the light. The Holy Spirit is not in this sort of thinking; it is not Him.

Permission to Pout loves to walk in their lusts and expect everyone to give them grace. They are grace hogs. Yet, they say to themselves and to others, “Well, the Lord knows my heart.” Oh my! This is so contrary to the Divine Nature. The Christian who uses such phrases in this way is caught in foolishness and delusion. They are given to pouting and they want what they want, how they want, and they want it now. Should anyone confront or challenge their natural ways, then they pout and go off to others to tell their story. Their testimony consists of telling others that they were mistreated with harshness and meanness. This is the Permission to Pout in the church today, and pastors love hearing their stories as they welcome them into their fold. Pastors are giving ear to it so that they don’t suffer the repercussions of their howling pout.

The Christian Pouters love everyone that allow them to pout, but they resist those who call them to live a victorious life in Christ, who call them to the Cross of Christ. These pouters avert holiness and subvert authorities in Christ. They are like the many prophets atop Mt. Carmel or the beastly prophets who encouraged King Ahab; they put on a parade of strength and faith but are full of weaknesses and merely seek favor among the faces of flesh. Christian Pouters proclaim, “The Battle is the Lord’s,” yet they sit in their tents in a depressed state, bewildered and anxious, seeking answers for their problems. These pouters are the ones that sit on the hillside in fear and trepidation, wondering about the giants in the land as they talk to one another about the issues of the day, but they mock the one ready to fight in the faith and question his motive, his ability, or the outcome. They pout and just want the battle won so they can get on with their day. When a victory is won and the rout of revival takes place and the enemy is pushed back, they run alongside in glee flailing their sword, but they are never the ones initiating or engaging in the Lord’s battle. This way, they risk nothing.

The David of the land is full of faith and aligns with the will and ways of the Lord, regardless of the opinions of fleshly minded men; this faith just walks into the valley ready to sling a stone. The David of the land is not a pouter, rather, he knows the battle is the Lord’s and proves it by running toward the enemy and slinging the stone; he carries out God’s will. The pouter is the one who gets mad at David for thinking he can do something about the uncircumcised Philistines in the land, like Eliab his own brother.

Pouters are of no value to the Kingdom of God. Do not be a pouter, and stop looking for those who grant you permission to pout. Surrender self, rise up in the faith, take your stand in the truth, live in the joy, love the victory, fight for your new life, battle the enemies of the Lord, and rejoice in the peace that only Christ provides. Be an overcomer unto the glory of God! Amen.


The Holy Spirit overshadows you and in a moment your life changes forever. This is eternity’s moment, when the timeless one touches your life within the context of time. Within that moment, brokenness results as self comes to its end. This is the moment that you see yourself from God’s perspective and you see the darkness of your own soul; you see your manipulative ways, scheming to promote yourself, maneuvering to please yourself, and always preserving self at the expense of others. Eternity’s moment is the crashing realization that you are nothing and nobody. In this moment, humility settles deep in the soul and humility overcomes the life of pride, vanity, and self-centeredness. Your own egotistical ways give way to the Holy Spirit’s overwhelming presence of humility. Eternity’s moment is the time you are delivered from the self-life and your soul is overcome with contrition that leads you to hate the nature of self, thus despising its ungodly and unholy affections and appetites. You now see the glory and grace of Jesus Christ and you surrender your own ways, thoughts, desires, plans, and intents of the heart to His Holy Spirit.

Eternity’s moment is the prayerful encounter of weeping before the Holy One as you desire the new life in Christ, thus you lovingly and willingly forsake the old nature of the flesh. This is a precious sight to see—to witness the cleansing of the soul as the holy life comes forth—the empowering of God’s presence that makes you an overcomer. This eternal moment is the time when your desires to be accepted by mere men end, where the need to be approved by men ends, when the excruciating and vexing yen to belong and gain acceptance by those of the flesh ends, and you find your place as a child of God and you are now content to simply serve the Lord. This is eternity’s moment that makes you a saint of the living God, one separated unto Him and living for the approval, acceptance, and attention of the only One that matters.

Over the past three decades of ministry, I have witnessed many lives come to the knowledge of truth, who raised their hands, knelt down in a worship service, and declared Christ as their Savior. I have seen men, women, and children declare their need for God and their desire to go to heaven. However, eternity’s moment goes beyond the raising of the hand, singing a song of praise, praying for a need, reading the Bible, or hearing a sermon. I am referencing the deeper work of becoming broken, contrite, and humble before God in Christ. This is the life of Jesus Christ that moves you to relinquish the old and gain the power of God’s grace to truly live a holy life unto the Lord. This is His sanctifying presence that causes you to pursue His love and holiness. This is the very call of God resulting in your life, commanding you to be perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect and you reply with a life that says, “Yes, Lord.”

Few gain this deep work as many Christians often remain ignorant, immature, or sadly, opt to be indifferent. Thus, they stay the same for years; they will gladly talk about the Lord within safe confines and will attend church, read the Scriptures, post encouraging words, and seek to be polite and nice to others while calling it love, but eternity’s moment always escapes them as they vacate the moment when eternity’s cross squeezes them to humble themselves, see their sin, deny themselves, and cry out for deliverance. Eternity’s moment scares them, so they fight or flee but never follow. Few welcome eternity’s moment, holding onto themselves, preserving self in some way, thus they opt to go another way. They avoid the work of the cross and turn aside from the desperately needed, “I surrender all to Christ”. Their lives become busy and their minds remain frustrated with fragmented loyalties—opportunities surface, desires conflict, and the need to please others overshadows their desire to serve the Lord with all their heart, mind, soul, and strength.

True revivals of the Holy Spirit are filled with eternity’s moments as souls gain Christ, confess deep and hidden sins, and walk as the people of God filled with the Spirit, caring only for the Kingdom of God. When the Lord revives souls with eternity’s moments, you will see those who surrender while others run from the cross, mock the saints and the preacher and flail against the work. In revivals you will see both emerge.

Revivals engage souls, whether in a large number or just a few, revivals of the Holy Spirit involve this deep work that cuts to the core of the soul and separates you from all that is outside of the Divine Nature. When the Lord revives His people, then you will find souls confessing sins, crying out and wailing in the Spirit as brokenness and contrition settles humility in their heart. Here, human dignity and natural strength give way to the Holy One’s overwhelming presence. Attitudes and behavior change, and the eternal direction for the spiritual life is found and embraced. This is the work of eternity’s moment.

Eternity’s moment must be the quest of everyone who calls themselves a Christian, but this is the hard way and the narrow road, as Jesus taught. This is the time of crushing and extreme conviction as death to your self-life arrives, the cross becomes alive in you, and the devils that plagued you for years relinquish their control over your natural man. Those demons lose their dominion over you when the natural man becomes dead. The demonic say and sway over your soul ends.

Eternity’s moment is the invading presence of the Holy Spirit who plants His flag and goes to war, thus winning your soul and setting you victorious in the battlefields of life in this world. This battle is intense and many flee from the Lord’s demand to obey and His command to be holy. Often, those who struggle find themselves assaulting the preacher and pastor of truth. They view the call for a life of true repentance as unloving and harsh. They flee the work of the cross and fight the Lord’s call and command, relying on all sorts of excuses and explanations to remain in their self-willed ways. There, in that place and posture, envy, offense, bitterness, and personal vanities reside, but for those who yield to the way of the cross there is a glorious victory.

Personally, the Lord brought me to my eternal moment in steps. First, He opened my heart to know the truth and gave me a desire to learn of Him. Then, I pursued Him wanting to know truth and tell others. However, my eternal moment took place in the prayer tower of Zion Bible Institute. There, God’s love overtook me and set me free to fully be His, to belong completely to the Lord, and to live in His love, embrace His humility, and live a life of liberty.

I have witnessed many others find full freedom within eternity’s moment when they were overcome by the Holy Spirit and brokenness produced the broken life of humility. This is the moment when you become the person you once despised and despise the person you once were.

Eternity’s moment is the main event necessary to gain maturity in Christ. This does not mean that your life in the Spirit is free of problems, hassles, struggles, and battles, nor does it mean that you have arrived unto the perfect state. Even Paul encouraged the saints saying, “Not that I have already attained, or am already perfected; but I press on, that I may lay hold of that for which Christ Jesus has also laid hold of me . . . Nevertheless, to the degree that we have already attained, let us walk by the same rule, let us be of the same mind” (Phil. 3:12, 16). When eternity’s moment wins your soul, then you are free from the constant nagging to please self, promote self, and preserve self. You are done with self and you want Christ.

My continual quest in ministry is to bring people to the place when eternity’s moment results and causes brokenness to their self-will, self-rule, and the quest for self-actualization. I pray that eternity’s moment be your personal quest, for you and for your family and friends. When eternity dawns and all the tomorrows end, when the Lord of glory comes forth brighter than the noon-day sun, may we find ourselves unashamed in His presence. When the Lord suddenly calls out for His own, may we all have the ear to hear.

See you there, I pray!


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