God of light shined forth His marvelous presence, but sinful souls hid in their transgressions. The glorious light looked upon the souls in need and saw each soul full of blasphemy. The light dug down to the core of defiant man, but only found insolence in his every plan. The light transgressed dark’s deep domain and offended dark’s deep desire to remain the same. Light called out to the darkened...

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The LORD set the sun in its tabernacle: a fixed foundation, an untouchable and unapproachable place, positioned so that all life on earth benefits from its distant setting. Yet, no being can touch its presence or draw close to its magnificence; the living rely on its presence each day while giving its value little regard, nor does man ponder on his own fragility before the sun’s glorious blaze...

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And though He was crucified and killed like a beast, He without sin was the King; He overcame death and even the devil, thus securing freedom for those who would follow.
And though He was greatly despised by men, He left them with a welcome to come unto Him.
And though His hands were nailed and pierced with great spite, He extended those hands to man with His great might... 

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Who is the Lord of glory who watches over me?
Who is this God Almighty who listened to a man like me?
Who is this God of light 
who knew my darkened plight ...

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The grace of God that changes lives

Is the grace of God from Jesus Christ
The grace of God in Jesus Christ

Is the grace of God that changed my life...
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Darkness lurks near my heart and looms about my mind.

I grope about as though blind, able to see yet without sight. Guidance whispers to me, “this way” and then “that way”; I hear: “up, down, left, right, back, forward, stop, go, rest, work, sleep, arise, move onward, fall back, go forward.” Then I say,

“Why bother?” I know not what to do...

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Where are you headed, O soul?” To gain the glory of God, my friend! “Where does this path begin?” Always in the manger, my friend, because there is no room in the inn! “Is it an easy road, O soul?” My friend, it is easy when...

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