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The end of days is drawing close. The new restrictions you are experiencing are constricting your freedom in every sphere of life, squeezing you into the new societal,  political, economic, and educational mold for the end of days. These constrictions are foundationally spiritual; playing on deep fears, preying on the weaknesses of man, and pleading for people to walk in safety while pressuring them to comply for the safety of all. These constrictions are python in nature, like a boa constrictor wrapping its way around you. This constrictive nature squeezes deeper into your being every time you attempt to gain a breath or give a sigh of relief. 
Restraints are becoming increasingly noticeable in every aspect of daily living. As each week passes ...  Read More

New World Law  (04/07/2020)

People are greatly fearing the potential chaos in the streets that may result from today’s virus threat; therefore, they are buying guns and ammo to protect themselves; people know that mankind can quickly turn ruthless. Also, they are stocking-up on various items, trying to protect themselves from infectious diseases. Mankind always seeks provision and protection, and men will always react in fear when either is threatened.

However, today’s real danger is not the threat of viral infection, or the potential, volatile reactions of violent men, or the lack of provision that may result. The real danger is ...  Read More

The Valid Fear  (03/17/2020)

There is only one fear that truly matters; one fear that has eternal significance, that is, the fear of the Lord. Jesus often told His disciples, “Do not fear.” The Scriptures continually encourage believers to fear not, fret not, and be not dismayed; rather, the Lord tells you to have courage, take heart, and put your trust and hope in the living God. Isaiah wrote, “Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand” (Isaiah 41:10).  
Believers are not absent of fear, rather ...  Read More

Ebbing Interest  (10/18/2019)

Interests are connected to the desires of the heart that attract you; therefore, whatever attracts you also gains your attention; this is your interest. Natural draws the attention of the natural; spiritual draws the attention of the spiritual. Your attractions are your interests and the dominant interest wins your soul...One’s interests will always become part of a person’s identity; you become known for your particular interest ...  Read More

Insecurity's Shadow  (08/19/2019)

Beware of the man who walks in the shadow of his own insecurities. This is the man who will adjust his statements, opinions, and behavior to ensure that he is seen in the best possible light among others and will advantageously place himself in the best position to maintain the appearance he seeks to portray, which can be self-exalting or self-debasing depending on his needs. Oh my, the troubles that this insecure man can cause; always looking for assurances ... Read More

Urgency  (05/17/2019)

While in Virginia, I have been watching my grandchildren’s baseball and softball games. As I listen to the coaches talk to these players, I hear words and phrases that I have preached and taught, encouraging others in their life of faith. Here is a sample; I am sure you have heard these before at some point and used them as well ... Read More

Climate Change Is Coming  (04/04/2019)

Much ado erupts when the topic of climate change surfaces. The news programs are saturated with the perceived problem. Today’s modern-mind thinks mankind can alter the global environment and raise and lower atmospheric temperatures by our life choices. Yet, the weather of our environment will always be in a state of flux.  Jesus told us that no one can truly understand the ways or the wind as it blows one way and then another at will (John 3:8). Scientific studies can explain various facts about wind, weather fronts, and temperature changes, and surmise its likely path, but surely everyone knows that the weather is quite unpredictable. Regardless of what is said, surely this truth prevails ... Read More

Background "Bleating"  (03/09/2019)

A commonly repeated phrase among Christians is that obedience is better than sacrifice. This was the prophetic reply from Samuel to King Saul when the king presumptuously offered a sacrifice unto the Lord. Samuel said to Saul: “Has the LORD as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices, as in obeying the voice of the LORD? Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to heed than the fat of rams. For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because you have rejected the word of the LORD, He also has rejected you from being king” (1 Sam. 15:22–23). Samuel revealed the need to obey the word of the Lord and, also, to heed or to submit to the ordinances and commands of the Lord. Obedience and submission are linked and hold more value than any other measure one may offer to the Lord—His Word! His Way! ... Read More

Inclinations  (02/02/2019)

An inclination is the direction of your lean; it is the proclivity or predisposition of your heart’s true desire. Your core inclination is the reason for the choices you make and the steps that you take. Your inclination is your bias, that is, it is the predetermined direction of your slant. Whether the bias is from a position of truth, or it is based on deception and delusion, it is still the way you lean whenever decisions are made or steps are taken. Inclinations affect every circumstance and relationship. Hence the statement, “I’m inclined to say…”  Read More
Whenever you truly and wholeheartedly take a stand for truth and the ways of Christ, giving your full surrender to His word, at this point is when Against will always show up. Many will begin talking to you with care in their voice, understanding your need. Many will be kind and gently seek to help you, while trying to convince you to be less stringent. They seek to win you over so that you will need them or follow them; or they simply justify their own weak lives and feeble faith by moving you to agree with them. When you do not fall prey to such flattery, and refuse to concede or compromise, then you will see their true spirit and real intent—Against ...  Read More

The Donkey's Freedom  (12/07/2018)

In the days of Jeremiah, this prophet likened Judah to a donkey; he said, “A wild donkey used to the wilderness, that sniffs at the wind in her desire (Jer. 2:24). The people of God had become like a donkey, contrary to the sheep of God’s pasture. Today, much of American Christianity has the same characteristics of Jeremiah’s donkey illustration. The donkey roams and runs in the field, being loyal only to its own desires. The donkey has no place amid the flock. The shepherd does not lead the donkey because the donkey is a donkey; hence, the donkey is only free to be a donkey, but is never part of the flock. The donkey’s freedom is not the freedom of the flock, which is led by the shepherd ... Read More
The humanistic-minded Christian speaks of serving, encourages service, and will seek to serve, however they falter in this, they want a Grateful Master. The great evil is rooted in their need to be appreciated. This sort of mindset is easily bothered or offended when they do not receive the expected response of appreciation for their work or act of service. When appreciation is not extended to them or falls-short in some way, then they can easily proceed to offense, unless they decide to extend misplaced forgiveness. This weakness loves to be flattered when they serve ... Read More

Where Are You?   (05/31/2018)

Such a deep question from the heart of God unto sinners...Upon walking in the perfect garden, the Lord God, knowing all things and their transgression to His word, humbled Himself to call out to them, “Where Are You?” (Gen. 3:9). The guilty pair hid and attempted to cover their shame and sin. Doing so, they established the coping mechanisms of self that seek to cover wrongdoings with various man-made ideas, ideologies, and opinions. Their sin drove them to hide and to cover-up. Iniquity ran in every fiber of their being and they sought to escape the Lord’s question that held them accountable. A simple question consisting of three words that continues to call-out to the soul of mankind: “Where Are You?”... Read More

Loophole-Living   (05/17/2018)

The ways of the natural man are always saturated with escapes and excuses in an effort to avoid accountability and responsibility. When called to truth, whether they are being confronted to correct wrongdoing and wrong-thinking, or to be instructed in the ways of God, then Loophole-Living results. Rather than answer in humility and in truth, the natural-minded will search for the nearest rabbit-hole for an escape. The excuse surfaces and the explanations begin; all trying to look noble, right, pure, righteous and mainly innocent. Pride will say or do whatever is needed to look the best or at least not the worst... Read More
There are many in the church community today that live in carnal weakness and seek carnal escapes, while operating each day with a highminded view of their own form of spirituality. Sadly, they have bought into the type of Christianity that massages the truth into an image that allows for weaknesses, excuses uncleanness, and applauds human ingenuity. This form of Christianity cloaks its humanistic ways and words with a spattering of Bible verses to appear loving, forgiving, and thankful to God. They thread their talk and social-posts with a Bible verse and a Christian phrase to give their posture a look of faith and Christian love. They have developed their own brand of Christianity using bits of Scripture to offset their ignorance, immaturity, and indifference to truth ... Read More
Belligerence is the spirit of this age, and every facet of the American Life is affected by its presence and infected with its poison.  The rise of belligerence allows people to be coarse, crass, or crude; it permits rudeness and honors insolence.  Belligerence has been given “place” in today’s American Life; it has progressively increased in strength with the passing of each new decade since the dawn of the 60’s.  Belligerence has now gained extreme popularity, showing itself in various demonstrations and protests, or by simply being undisciplined or boisterous. People flock to reality shows that stream belligerence, and athletes are given more attention when loudmouthed, aggressive, and obnoxious. Belligerence opens the door to impertinence—bad mannered, incivility, and discourteous ... Read More

Poking The Bear   (11/12/2016)

Why are we witnessing so much lawlessness, riotous behavior, and various forms of turmoil in this current situation? Because the bear has been poked! The phrase, “poking the bear,” is often used to describe an aggressive reaction from someone that was once deemed calm and peaceful. In this day, the status quo of go-along and get-along has been poked by the president-elect over the past year, which has now culminated in his election, thus giving him the power to make good on the ideas he presented. Therefore, attitudes of defiance and belligerence that were hidden behind masks of politeness, niceness, compassion, understanding, or sympathy have now been exposed. Regardless of the category or classification in life, their fears have surfaced as each party thinks they are losing their self-serving rights ...  Read More
1. Foundationally, its roots are evil; its history does not stem forth from anything wholesome.
2. Centrally, those who love to support this holiday are self-proclaimed witches and warlocks. Those who like darkness and all things centered on death, fancy this so-called holiday.
2. Directionally, it promotes a lifestyle of darkness, vampires, blood, murder, gore and ghouls. There is an infatuation with the vile and the violent.
4. Spiritually, this holiday uses “Fun” to lure children to its hook. Children see smiles, laughs, candy, parades and costumes; they simply want the fun, and the invitation is presented in such a way that it is difficult ...  Read More

Courts Against Christ
The American Courts have made a decision that sets America against Christ. This recent vote of approval to the Lesbian, Homosexual movement opens the door wide to the Lord’s judgment. Abraham Lincoln came to understand this great wrath when he said, “Fondly do we hope, fervently do we pray, that this mighty scourge of war may speedily pass away...

Christians Against Christ
Simply but forthrightly stated, If I have to spend time explaining this or convincing a Christian that homosexuality or lesbianism is ungodly, unholy, unrighteous and unclean. If the Christian does not understand its perversion ...  Read More

The violence coming from Islamic extremists in the world is the direct result of men and women who are serious about advancing Islam in the world. Islam allows for all forms of evil to exists, as long as it is done in submission to Allah. Some use Islam to gain power, some use it to exercise the dreadful desires that reside in their own heart, and still others want the divine favor of Allah so they can receive the eternal rewards that Islam promises, which is simply an eternal gratification of humanity’s natural lusts. They do not realize, nor do they care to know, that Allah is merely a devil that is paraded about the world by the foolish and ignorant ...  Read More

IGNORING CHRIST!   (01/26/2015)

The world and its generations basically ignore Christ. Humanity simply moves onward each day, living life unto themselves, giving very little thought to Jesus. However, this will not always be so. The day of reckoning is closing in on every person. Today, and through all of the yesterdays, mankind has given Christ, “no-mind.” Jesus has been dissed and disrespected. Yet, there is a specific day coming that will end all other days to come. This is the day when Christ shall no longer be ignored. Every single person, past, present, and future, will give an account and answer to Him personally ...  Read More

The Love of Lawlessness   (12/12/2014)

What do you love? What do other people love? What do they pursue? Where do you “fall” when opportunity or adversity surface in your life? It is in these times that our loves, our fears, and our trusts show up and are displayed for all others to see. A person always falls to the way they were leaning. The direction of our inclination is the direction of our fall, and we are always inclined toward our loves, trusts, and fears. 

How do we know when someone loves lawlessness? Their talk will be a continual revelation of insurrection and defiance ...  Read More

Idolized   (11/19/2014)

To be idolized is to be venerated, worshipped, revered, and honored, or simply admired. Since the day when Adam disobeyed the Lord’s word and opted to listen to another, mankind has struggled with idols. The problem lies at the core of man’s heart, which seeks alternative ways to honor God and know God, and most importantly, they try to be right with God. However, since mankind cannot please God or be found just in anyway before His holy presence, then mankind blindly gropes about throughout their life attempting to find security and solace in the midst of their plight, that is, they are all dead before God Almighty. In this grip ...  Read More

When Devils Gloat   (10/15/2014)

The season has come upon us once again; the season when devils gloat. Over the years, they have progressively gained ground in the fall season, infiltrating the lives of so many under the guise of fun; offering candy like an immoral woman with honey on her lips (Prov. 5:3). These devils have taught people to dress themselves up with silly costumes and run about the town glorifying death as though it is a trivial thing. Little children are displayed as vampires, witches, zombies, and ghosts, or some other idiocy, and their own parents call them cute. Then they are pranced about the city in fellowship with devils, and it is their own parents leading them on the pathway to the abyss ...  Read More

What will a society look like once evil has found preferential treatment? What will a country be when evil people and evil ways gain a certain regard and given presence? Today, evil is gaining ground and taking over the lives of Americans in every corner and in every sphere of our land. The main culprit for its advancement rests in the American Courts, who are purposely giving regard to evil ways and evil people in order to appear as just. 
The court system presents itself as guardians of the Constitution, yet these guardians use its tenants to loosen restraints on evil, thus freeing evil from its tether. This present-day American system ...  Read More

Taking A Stand   (08/13/2014)

In New England, there has been an ongoing battle for leadership in a grocery chain of stores called “Market Basket.” This family owned and operated business has a history of internal struggles with battling cousins, each attempting to gain control and direct its future. Recently, the Board of Directors ousted the current CEO and his management team. This decision infuriated the managers and the full-time and part-time workers who loved working for this man. Market Basket is one of this region’s favorite grocery stores and is deemed a great place to work. However, today, its store shelves are nearly empty, the parking lot is basically vacant, and the Board of Directors is bewildered. Why? ...  Read More

USEFUL ARMOR, part 10   (07/05/2014)

As the last newsletter to address Useful Armor, we focus on David’s complete victory over Goliath. Scripture records, “So David prevailed over the Philistine with a sling and a stone, and struck the Philistine and killed him. But there was no sword in the hand of David. Therefore David ran and stood over the Philistine, took his sword and drew it out of its sheath and killed him, and cut off his head with it. And when the Philistines saw that their champion was dead, they fled” (1 Sam. 17:50-51) ...  Read More

USEFUL ARMOR, part 9   (06/23/2014)

David ran toward the foul-mouthed enemy, who dared to blaspheme the Lord God Almighty. The young warrior reached into his familiar bag, which now held the five smooth stones he carefully selected from the river bed. These would serve as his projectiles to be cast from his well-used sling. David’s choice was not arbitrary; he knew what sort of stones would fly forth through the air unencumbered. The smooth stones would be truer than stones with jagged edges or a bulging surface. Smooth stones would be more apt to find their target  ...  Read More

USEFUL ARMOR, part 8   (05/17/2014)

There comes a time when your words meet the road, that is, when action becomes necessary; when your steps must be in alignment with your words. David spoke to the Israelite army on the hillside, and then he met with Saul face-to-face. David was quite bold in all that he said. Then he met with Goliath in the valley and was standing before him. David exchanged words with him as well, and the spiritual entities in the heavens were making their boast priding themselves in Dagon’s attempts to be victorious over Israel. David was now in the valley, facing Goliath and now having to step out fully, and abandon himself to the Lord. Trusting in the Lord means more than saying it! ... Read More

USEFUL ARMOR, part 7   (04/11/2014)

Goliath made grand boasts before God and the armies of the Lord, both in heaven and on earth. A man trained in the ways of warfare since he was a youth, now stood in front of a young man who believed God. David’s only armor was his trust in the Lord God Almighty, the one who made heaven and earth.
 All his life, Goliath would have received whatever he wanted, needed, or demanded; like a top athlete in a Communist regime. All his life, he would have been revered, awed and given place among men. Goliath would have been the center of all attention; seen, revered and regarded wherever he went. He was the Philistine champion of war (1 Sam. 17:4) ... Read More

USEFUL ARMOR, part 6   (04/03/2014)

David was prepared for battle even before he grabbed his shepherd’s staff, plus five smooth stones and his sling; he set out to engage the task at hand—to slay the giant that scourged God’s people. David was ready to defeat the one who defied the Lord of all glory. This Goliath exhaled threats and intimidation with the very breath and strength the Lord gave to him. Now it was time for the Holy Spirit to require their return. David was ready to meet this opposer and naysayer head-to-head and face-to-face. David was not moved to steer clear from him; he was moved to go where no man was willing to go. With staff and his sling in hand, David drew near to the Philistine; he took the first step toward the enemy ... Read More

USEFUL ARMOR, part 5   (03/10/2014)

Goliath defied the armies of the living God (1 Samuel 17:36). One young man from the midst of the many rose to the forefront; he addressed the situation with strength and sincerity of heart. David saw what the eye of man never sees; faith always sees pass the natural order and views all from God’s perspective. David’s heart was set to do battle because he saw the cause of God. King Saul’s spirit was full of fear and failure, yet he sought to insert himself in the plan of God by offering his own armor. David could not move in the armor; it was useless to him just as it was useless to Saul. This sort of armor turned David into a turtle ... Read More

USEFUL ARMOR, part 4   (02/21/2014)

David stood before the King of Israel. He was not there to gain favor for himself, nor was he trying to make a place for himself. Though there was a reward available to anyone who would challenge and defeat the beastly Goliath, David’s eye was attentive to something greater, and his ear was honed to hear God’s deeper call. His faith in the Lord heard the voice of the Spirit, yet men in battle array stood looking over the valley, yet were deaf to the call. Their eye only saw Goliath, while David’s eye saw the uncircumcised Philistine for what he really was, a mere man bellowing forth boasts that were fueled by devils ... Read More

USEFUL ARMOR, part 3   (01/29/2014)

David was before King Saul with a burning question in his heart: “Is there not a cause?” David said to the king, “Let no man’s heart fail because of him (Goliath); your servant will go and fight with this Philistine” (1 Sam. 17:32). As this statement came to Saul’s ears, something else was stirring in his heart; it was the familiar unbelief that plagued his forefathers and still influences so many today. He said to David, “You are not able to go against this Philistine to fight with him; for you are but a youth, and he is a man of war from his youth” (1 Sam. 17:33). Saul’s first response exposed his heart ... Read More

USEFUL ARMOR, part 2   (01/03/2014)

David came before King Saul, the ruler of Israel. The young shepherd was brought before the king, because he had a burning question residing in his heart, “Is there not a cause?” This question landed him squarely in Saul’s presence, meeting him face-to-face; now seeing each other eye-to-eye (1 Sam. 17:29-31). It was the first of many encounters to come. Of course, the Holy Spirit made the arrangements ... Read More

USEFUL ARMOR, part 1   (12/18/2013)

David was a young man, yet full of faith. He came to the army of Israel who was encamped on a hillside overlooking the Valley of Elah. He saw the situation clearly, seeing with the Lord's eyes, he heard the voice of Goliath rise up from the valley floor. His faith was stirred and he turned to his older brother and asked the question that has been burning in me for the past several years, "Is There Not A Cause?" David's brother spurned him and proceeded to mock him; but David was not deterred by his brother’s scorn. Family dynamics did not rob David of his faith. He continued to ask the question; one after the other he asked the same thing, “Is There Not A Cause?” ... Read More

Is There Not A Cause?   (12/15/2013)

David asked this question so many years ago, and it has been stirring in my heart for the past several years. Is there not a cause? Though his older brother mocked him, David asked the question, and then it intensified till he was meeting face to face with King Saul. Still David pursued the question in his heart till he was face to face with the menacing problem-Goliath.
Is There Not A Cause? ... Read More

Revival Of The Heart  (02/22/2010)

As we begin the Year of our Lord 2010, let us resolve to know Him deeper than ever before, and to make Him known as though our own salvation rested on it! Jesus called for us to know Him, and He commanded us to tell the world about the Good News, that is, the Gospel—Christ has come! ... Read More

When celebrating the Fourth of July one must take note of the Declaration of Independence. This foundational document for American existence and the American Way of Life justifies the actions of our forefathers to fight for freedom. Interestingly, it also specifically references God as Creator. With deep consideration for the course of action they were taking and with much thought for the consequences and reasons, the founding fathers wrote: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” ... Read More

Considering all that the United States is trying to do and trying to be, it seems to me that we are attempting to accomplish on a large scale what we’re failing to do in the small.  As a might and a world power, the United States is attempting to police the world, that is, be the world’s police, yet we can’t seem to keep our own schools safe, disciplined, and in good order, even with putting police in the hallways and metal detectors at the doors ... Read More

There is a deception prevailing from almost every corner—the religious realm, the political realm, the entertainment crowd, the talk-show people, the news people, and the political people. They are all touting the peacefulness of Islam, and the fanatics who shed a bad light on it. Too many are soft-shoeing around Islam. Why? Even the cartoon picture that inflamed the Muslim world would not be shown on any media. Was it to be sensitive to the beliefs or is it fear of reprisal? ... Read More

The holiday season draws nearer and the excitement for many grows. We have much in our society and bounty continues to fall on our land and our people. Blessing is present everywhere! As we approach this Christmas, let us deliberately remember that Christmas was a time set aside to honor the coming of Jesus the Christ of God, who came to die for the sins of all that those who would “believe” on the Lord Jesus Christ would be translated from darkness to His marvelous light, hence, the song “Amazing Grace.” ... Read More

Unsolicited Phone Calls  (04/26/2006)

What can we learn from phone calls that keep coming but we know we don't want or need? Unsolicited phone calls assault your home life! There are Credit Cards companies with a multitude of enticing arrangements; there are deals for vacations, for prescriptions, for cars, for magazines, all trying to get you to listen ... Read More

"What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his own soul" (Mark 8:36)? What a question Christ placed before all generations, even over all time. This is an eternal question! Certainly this is not one that can be answered with the temporal parameters of this world; this existence we are operating our lives within ... Read More

The natural eye enables a person to see the natural world around them. But the natural eye cannot see into the spiritual world; it is not equipped to do so. This requires faith ... Read More

Yes! Emphatically yes! Note how the world's media system has not shown the cartoon that pokes fun at the Islamic prophet, Mohammed. Any other news-making event like this would have resulted in a constant barrage upon the public detailing every aspect of this cartoon. However, considering the repercussions of publishing it further, the media backs off, this empowering Islam. Note the statement, "Islam is a peaceful religion." How often has this been stated, yet, let's ask, "Where's the evidence of peace?" ... Read More

Relying on the philosophy of Ralph Waldo Emerson, The Bedford Journal published the editorial “Trust Yourself,” writing, “Emerson had it right.” The Journal quotes Emerson’s thought, “To believe your own thought, to believe that what is true for you in your private heart is true for all men.” The article promotes “self-reliance,” and trusting in “that internal voice that tugs, sometimes to be ignored, sometimes to be acted upon,” writing, “Trust it.” The article ends with, “Nothing can bring you peace but yourself ... Read More

Two recent newspaper articles illustrate well the statement, “The Church is not always the Church.” In the first article, the Church of England, the Anglicans, decided to bless the marriage of Prince Charles of England. As in the days of Henry VIII, so we see again the organized, visible, structured, institutional, political Church placing its so-called blessing, i.e., approval in this case, on the marriage of two people who can be deemed “adulterers” ... Read More

Humanism is a worldview built on mankind’s continued desire to be his own god. This worldview foolishly eliminates the true God from any formula of existence and makes naturalism the foundation for any serious worldview. Humanism upholds, honors, and elevates the human being to be his own moral standard, his own provider, his own sustainer, and the director of his own destiny ... Read More

An Extreme Makeover  (02/25/2005)

Over the past several months a new TV show has overtaken several of the networks. Many are tuning in to watch with great interest the change that takes place when a team of experts gather together to tackle an “extreme makeover” project. I don’t know if I would necessarily like to be considered an extreme makeover target or nominee, but the thought of getting everything newly done seems inviting ... Read More

All Things New  (02/16/2004)

The Bible reveals that “in Christ” all things are made new. God the Creator of all things is making all things new through Christ, for Christ, by Christ, and in Christ. Christ is the embodiment of the new creation. Even nature, God’s creation, continually reveals the intent of God—out of that which appears dead shall spring forth life ... Read More

Following Truth  (01/14/2004)

Truth is either absolute or there is no truth. If there is no truth, then all must be a lie. If all is a lie, then the lie must be the absolute. Since lies constantly contradict, then lies cannot be the absolute, since absolutes require total wholeness of intent, thought, and action constantly. A lie can be an absolute lie, that is, there is no truth in it, but it does not make lies the absolute. If all is an absolute lie, and lies contradict, then lies and deception cannot be the truth ... Read More

The Wedding  (12/03/2003)

God revealed that there is a marriage ceremony and celebration that is set for a future day in the heavens when the Bride of Christ shall be one with her husband, i.e., Christ Jesus. There is a marriage supper that is being prepared. There is a great banquet that is to be enjoyed that all are invited, but not all are responding to the invitation ... Read More

War in Afghanistan and war in Iraq is said to be a war against terrorism; first, it is a punitive measure for acts of terrorism committed against the United States, and secondly, a precautionary movement to prevent the escalation of terrorism in the future. America and a degree of the Western world would declare these actions as a military and a political necessity to effect world order and peace. Regardless of how it started out, it has become and will continue to be “a religious war.” Why? ... Read More

There is a philosophical position in the world that identifies a leader by the number of followers behind them. This thought simply states, “if one is a true leader then there will be people following them.” If one wants to determine “leadership level,” then check to see who and how many are following ... Read More

This past Presidents Day, an ABC News Poll reported that Abraham Lincoln moved to the top of the list of the greatest presidents. As I considered the man honored by so many, I wondered why politicians and people view him as great, and uphold him with such honor, yet deny the convictions that made him and our nation great. Shall we as a nation give honor to Abraham Lincoln, without giving due honor to his beliefs? Shall we stand and memorialize him without giving substance to his thought? Shall we declare him noble and great, yet walk contrary to his declarations? ... Read More

Considering the recent events that have traumatized America, and reflecting on the response by the American people and politicians, it seems appropriate to conclude that the “Theory of Evolution” is now obsolete ... Read More

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