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Permission To Pout

Permission To Pout, PLEASE! Welcome to the mantra of the day! People are clamoring for permission to pout as they wail for rights and whine for fairness. Entitlement rules their ways, and their words carry the venom of offense. In all things they are merely demanding the right to pout as they see fit; to be accepted as they are without accountability or responsibility. The pouters of the land have a big voice because it resonates in the hearts of every other pouter, and the leaders of our land cater to their clamor to gain esteem.

This is today’s voice. People are pouting. They march in the street angrily demanding something from someone; they throw things around, burn the belongings of others, demand their rights, and walk in an antagonistic depression till they get what they want, and when they get what they want, they want more, a bit more, and then they want something else. They throw a tantrum at every cause like a juvenile in a grocery store who isn’t getting the cupcake or cookie. These pouters deem something or someone unfair, and for them, everything seems to be unfair. They love to be angry and frustrated at someone, which gives them purpose and makes them feel united and righteous for a just cause. The pouters want permission to argue their point till you agree with them, or simply love them for who they are and respect their position, which you will demonstrate by giving them permission to act like an angry two-year old not getting their way. These pouters are upset on a regular basis and throw their pity-parties at all kinds of times and for multiple reasons.

The permission to pout syndrome took root years ago, then grew into a full-fledged wild vine, and is now displaying and demonstrating its fruit, and it is ugly, inedible, and useless fruit indeed. The permission to pout movement wants its own way without being denied; it expects everyone else to capitulate to their demands, and their number one demand is to let them wail away till something is done that satisfies their pining and whining wail. The pouters expect you to do something for them but they are not the doers; they are the ones crying out, “Help me! I’m offended! That’s not fair! I’m pouting here! I’m not happy! I want to be happy! Why won’t you let me be happy! Why won’t you help me to be happy! I deserve to be happy!”

The Pouters want to stay in their personal weaknesses and they just want to complain to every ear that will lean into them, and social media is their prime outlet as they cry out, “Listen to me!” Yet, they have nothing to say of any value. They are users, accustomed to getting their own way by employing their whine and pine.

Sadly, the pouting voice has entered the church world. Those driven with the permission to pout sickness seek constant encouragement, and pastors love to give words on social media that begin with the phrase, “I just want to encourage you.” These pastors do not actually encourage anyone in the Lord. These so-called words from the Lord are so shallow and self-purposed. They love the preeminence among the people and give words to meet that end.

The encouraging word is tag-teamed with the phase, “I’m Just So Excited.” Oh my, another exciting word of encouragement to make you feel better about yourself. Great! More encouraging words while pouters stay stuck in poutful situation. These pastors, leaders, and evangelists provide encouragement that never activates courage in you to overcome and believe God. No one becomes courageous through their words, they just feel better as they look for another word to encourage them again. They just want more permission to pout.

Permission to Pout is mainly centered on the whine and their pine. The pouters whine over spilt milk, and like a toddler they pine after everything they think will make them happy. The foundational objective to everything they do is to be happy. They want fun and want to surround themselves with everyone and everything that keeps them entertained and laughing; it has to be fun! Hence, Tik-Tok and the like is their library of thought. When they are not happy, then the pouting explodes and the whining begins. Oh my, it is tiring to hear their incessant whine. Many pouters employ a soft, polite voice or use sincere tears to gain their way, but it is still the natural man working to gain satisfaction and gratification.

In church world, those pouters always talk about their Mess but they never want to walk in the Yes; the yes to the Lord that brings obedience to His word, will, and ways; the yes that establishes true happiness, rest, and purpose to life. The Christian Pouter says, “I’m a mess but God loves my mess, I’m His mess.” So foolish! I have no tolerance for such foolishness; it works against the Cross of Christ. Hence, the pouter discards me and others like me, and set us aside as a useless voice. The pouters do not want an end to their self-serving thinking; they despise the voice that calls for them to overcome, believe God, and walk in the courage of the One who brings victory.

Pouters look for an offense, and we are seeing an abundance of this today, even in the church. Thanklessness is flooding every sphere of life and those pouting expect others to please and appease them. The entitlement syndrome is powerful with those who are demanding permission to pout. Churches are catering to them thus working contrary to the Spirit. Pouters want people to listen to them and pastors have big ears for it all hoping to gain another congregant.

The Permission to Pout saturates the church environment as they tolerate carnal behavior and tell themselves, “I’m being the light.” They say this because they are caught up in the natural ways of life and don’t want anyone judging them; so they judge nothing rightly while painting themselves as the light. The Holy Spirit is not in this sort of thinking; it is not Him.

Permission to Pout loves to walk in their lusts and expect everyone to give them grace. They are grace hogs. Yet, they say to themselves and to others, “Well, the Lord knows my heart.” Oh my! This is so contrary to the Divine Nature. The Christian who uses such phrases in this way is caught in foolishness and delusion. They are given to pouting and they want what they want, how they want, and they want it now. Should anyone confront or challenge their natural ways, then they pout and go off to others to tell their story. Their testimony consists of telling others that they were mistreated with harshness and meanness. This is the Permission to Pout in the church today, and pastors love hearing their stories as they welcome them into their fold. Pastors are giving ear to it so that they don’t suffer the repercussions of their howling pout.

The Christian Pouters love everyone that allow them to pout, but they resist those who call them to live a victorious life in Christ, who call them to the Cross of Christ. These pouters avert holiness and subvert authorities in Christ. They are like the many prophets atop Mt. Carmel or the beastly prophets who encouraged King Ahab; they put on a parade of strength and faith but are full of weaknesses and merely seek favor among the faces of flesh. Christian Pouters proclaim, “The Battle is the Lord’s,” yet they sit in their tents in a depressed state, bewildered and anxious, seeking answers for their problems. These pouters are the ones that sit on the hillside in fear and trepidation, wondering about the giants in the land as they talk to one another about the issues of the day, but they mock the one ready to fight in the faith and question his motive, his ability, or the outcome. They pout and just want the battle won so they can get on with their day. When a victory is won and the rout of revival takes place and the enemy is pushed back, they run alongside in glee flailing their sword, but they are never the ones initiating or engaging in the Lord’s battle. This way, they risk nothing.

The David of the land is full of faith and aligns with the will and ways of the Lord, regardless of the opinions of fleshly minded men; this faith just walks into the valley ready to sling a stone. The David of the land is not a pouter, rather, he knows the battle is the Lord’s and proves it by running toward the enemy and slinging the stone; he carries out God’s will. The pouter is the one who gets mad at David for thinking he can do something about the uncircumcised Philistines in the land, like Eliab his own brother.

Pouters are of no value to the Kingdom of God. Do not be a pouter, and stop looking for those who grant you permission to pout. Surrender self, rise up in the faith, take your stand in the truth, live in the joy, love the victory, fight for your new life, battle the enemies of the Lord, and rejoice in the peace that only Christ provides. Be an overcomer unto the glory of God! Amen.

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