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CHRINO Christianity

Within the debates of the United States political circles, there are those known as a RINO (pronounced the same as the animal, Rhino). RINO is an acronym for those who say they are Republicans, but they vote like a Democrat. Hence, they are called a RINO, that is, Republican In Name Only. These RINOs presented themselves to their constituents as a Republican with like values. They gained a conservative following and promoted themselves as a person representing a conservative position, but more often times they are found voting with the inclination toward the agenda of the Democratic Party. The RINOs are comfortable with the liberal political agenda and are more often arguing with conservatives and opposing those of the Republican Party. These RINOs infuriate their Republican constituents, and conservative Republican representatives do not trust them, but the Democratic Representatives always look to them as their last-minute hope to pass another law that advances the agenda of the Democratic Party. No one truly trusts the RINO, but they are always in the news as attention comes their way when a swing vote will determine the outcome. A RINO loves the power and influence of being that needed vote. So weak!

Sadly, this same mindset is in the American Church. Today’s Christianity is saturated with the CHRINO, those that are Christian In Name Only. These are the Modern Christians; those that consider themselves Christians but their decisions, behavior, friendships, amusements, and emotional constitution reveal that they are merely CHRINOs. They call upon the Lord, praise the name of the Lord, talk about the Holy Spirit, love church ministry programs, cite the fundamental doctrines, and sing songs at church—sometimes with great zeal, but they are natural-minded in daily living, from parenting to pastoring. Their lives reflect the posture of a CHRINO.

These CHRINOs are not pleasing the Holy Spirit; they are bent and not living upright before the Lord, especially the pastors who love leadership seminars and group talks. The CHRINO pastors are natural in their affections, self-orientated in their objectives, and caring, concerned ministers according to the human pattern. But they are inept in all things spiritual, though they paint a wonderful picture of servitude and love.

CHRINO faith is kept within the parameters of mere words and statements that reference answered prayer and Jesus-love-talk. The CHRINO Christian is wayward, carnal-minded, and easily offended with someone like me because they do not want the Holy Spirit; they want their version of Him. Hence, CHRINOs give themselves a pass regarding holiness and they weigh a matter of judgment always within the balance of their personal opinion. When things work out for them it is an answer to prayer, proof that God loves them and provides, but when things are not solved according to their likes, then it is the devil attacking them and they must remain strong. If their particular want or desire does not manifest and falls through for some reason, then other CHRINOs gather in support telling them that God has something better for them and they just need to have faith.

The CHRINOs are self-willed at core, spiritually immature, humble in their own mind, and always desire attention just like the RINOs. They quote Bible verses but trust in their own opinions. They often times deal with anxiety and depression yet they say “Amen” when someone says, “Trust in the Lord” and “Fear God.” They post phrases from great men and women of God as though they are doing the same thing. The only times they have peace is when things are working out for them as they see fit. The Church is riddled with CHRINOs.

The CHRINOs lead a life of hypocrisy but they will attack you for pointing this out to them. They do not abhor evil nor cling to what is good (Rom. 12:9). You will find CHRINOs alongside the ungodly doing as they do, laughing as they laugh, and seeking the same things. These CHRINOs will talk about going to heaven as they live for all things earthly. Their idea of evangelism is to get people to appreciate their beliefs, to like them, and they are ecstatic if someone comes to church and then says to them, “That was nice.” They will go to church, out to eat, and to a ballgame as though it is all the same, and then they may stop at the store to pick up some beer or wine just like anyone else. They treat all of it with the same sweet disposition of commonplace as they used everywhere else. When they get really upset, then they act with a belligerence or sarcasm, or they’ll just whine to someone in order to get some attention and support; it is so manipulative and self-serving. When they feel that life is too tough for them, they will plan their vacations and tell everyone how badly they need time away from everyone and everything, just like the ungodly do. Sometimes, when they need a good dose of fun, you will find them at the casino being the CHRINO. Right here the CHRINOs will say, “Well, I don’t go to the casino,” so they will excuse themselves from everything else I wrote in this message. This CHRINO form of Christianity is offensive to the Holy Spirit.

The CHRINOs are the ones that despise me; however, let it be known that I despise the CHRINO, and I am calling upon all those who love the Lord to truly love the Lord and live for the Kingdom of God each day. Blessings of obedience unto you! Amen.

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