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My Vocation

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

My vocation is to believe God. It seems so simple to say, but believing God encompasses every aspect of my life whether it pertains to family, friends, or finances; therefore, every endeavor or occupation automatically involves the foundational necessity of believing God, thus preferring His word, will, ways, works, and wisdom above all else. This vocation leads me to determine every relationship in light of God’s holy and loving presence, power, and purpose.

  • To believe God embraces His rulership over every decision I make and in each relationship I become involved.

  • To believe God is to submit fully and completely to His authority, whether I am placed over someone or someone is placed over me.

  • To believe God is the vocation of trusting God with every step, no matter how meager it may seem, how monotonous it may feel, or how many steps are required of me, whether few or many.

  • To believe God is the vocation of trusting God for provision and protection, and to allow His Spirit to lead and guide me each hour of each day.

  • To believe God is to look for His oversight, and lovingly predominantly desire His scrutiny over my every desire, each thought, and all the intents of my heart.

  • To believe God is the vocation of contentment and peace knowing He cares for me.

  • To believe God openly welcomes His hand of correction and word of instruction as He prepares me for heaven’s domain.

  • To believe God is to become a tool in His hand and a vessel of honor to be used as He employs.

  • To believe God is to be an ambassador of His plan of peace, which may involve battling His foes in order to maintain unity of the brethren and maturity for the body.

  • To believe God is to be molded and fashioned according to Christ and to become fit for the master’s use. Hence, in turn, His touch is welcomed upon all that I form and fashion, whether it is a thought, a relationship, a business idea, a craft of art, or the family placed in my care.

  • To believe God is to seek and lovingly desire His nod of approval upon every scenario and circumstance. Hence, my every aim is to be well-pleasing to Him.

My true and foundational vocation is to believe God, and that means that all those that despise Him will also despise me. Hence, I know that my vocation is unwelcomed by many who contemptuously consider my vocation useless and a bother. Therefore, I know derision will follow me wherever I go and whatever I do, until I am surrounded by the great cloud of witnesses that welcome me home.

I know that my vocation is an unpleasant odor to the hardhearted, the disobedient, and to the unbelievers because my vocation makes me just like Him. Therefore, my vocation does not fit well in this world and every other work under the sun is deemed greater. Nevertheless, I have decided that every work that I do in this world will be founded within the sphere of my true vocation, which is to believe God; all that is done in this body and in this time frame that I have been allotted must be in the realm of being faithful to His will, ways, and word. Why? Because I am a believer and that is my ultimate vocation while I am on this earth. My vocation works toward the end that one day I will awake in His likeness and shall dwell in the house of the Lord, forever! Amen.

“This is the work of God, that you believe in Him whom He sent.”

John 6:29

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