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Wholly In His Light

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

God of light shined forth His marvelous presence, but sinful souls hid in their transgressions. The glorious light looked upon the souls in need and saw each soul full of blasphemy. The light dug down to the core of defiant man, but only found insolence in his every plan. The light transgressed dark’s deep domain and offended dark’s deep desire to remain the same. Light called out to the darkened souls, but no one wanted to be made whole. Sinful souls wanted no light, all wallowed in their own delights. Men shook their fists at light’s offensive ways and decided to live any other way. All souls lied and killed and raged in their fears, while everyone’s wrath grew great and ire was held dear. Anger settled deep in every soul, man became angst and felt very alone. Their unsettled hearts lived without hope, all fought with everyone and everything unable to cope. Confused by the light and being so weak, they fortified their hearts with prideful glee. Insecure and chaotic, so empty of life, death plagued their souls and each fought with his plight. The young and the old were all alike, fully absorbed in self, they only sought what they liked. Their darkened lives sought to satisfy every whim, each one fought for gratification of self, giving little regard to anything else.

God of light saw man’s defiant heart, those wretched souls who loved to fight. Souls despised light’s authority while seeking to bathe in detestable impurities. Souls loathed light’s exacting oversight, so they all turned aside and hid behind lies. Light shined forth to illuminate minds, but souls loved the darkness and rejected the light. In this darkened state, lost souls groped through the day, only to end up dead and in the grave. Poor souls were looking for some other way, yet every soul always found himself cut away. Each day, each soul peered into the stars shining bright, seeking to know what was really right. Souls sought to gain more meaning in life, only to know and find they were utterly blind.

God of light saw all souls nudging the earth like swine, so the merciful light decreed, “These will be mine.” With loving care and concern, He reached into His heart and called for His Son knowing the times. The light of God came forth in Christ Jesus the Lord, who went to the cross in order to give God’s light to the lost. Faith grabbed ahold of the grace that was bestowed, and those who believed were surely made whole. Souls full of God’s grace, mortified the old; souls that believed were all made new, they welcomed God’s light and were all rescued.

Light shined bright and darkened minds could see, they were now saints and soundly believed. Light begot light and souls turned to Christ; the children of God truly loved their new sight. Hard hearts were open, there was only one to please and He is the one who now knew me. Faith saw the light of God’s great glory, and no longer hid behind the lie and the folly. Grace empowered the children of light: these are the ones He made pure in His sight. Hope impassioned their quest to know God, thus the saints lived fully and wholly for heaven above.

The light brought forth light and gave no place to the dark, thus believers shook off darkness and gave full place to the light. Faith loved light and forsook all that was dark, true faith had promises that would cost them all. Still, there are those who turn away for the old; these are the ones who go astray and then scold. But for those who believe unto eternal life they will gain, for they will find the celestial city promised before time began. The city shines with no night to be known, and only in Christ will anyone be known.

Faith sees that city built in the sphere of heaven, made for believers who were freed from sin’s leaven. The city is a sight to behold, not made for those who looked back to the old. Faith looks to God and walks in His light, the borders of black cannot hold him back. Light gave sight and purity took root, the dark ways of self were no longer as life in His light brought forth true fruit.

God’s call came forth to me, a man of clay; God’s voice now directed my every way. No longer confused and chaotic in mind, my life has been made whole by the one called Divine. Once astray in a deep darkened state, I was just a man with no hope beyond the earthly grave. When death finally came and my walk was no more, my soul learned his fate as I stood at heaven’s gate. The soul once deemed dead and lived full of dread, was welcomed into heaven to God’s holy estate. I was one given God’s holy grace so that I could now be His child and fully relate.

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